By now, most people are well and truly back into a fresh working year.

Because I extended my holiday until the end of January (ouch) I’m only now gaining traction in my day.

Zero regrets though. The decision to take a break for all of every January was a considered one I made several years ago when my kids were still in primary school and I started running my own business.

I made this call knowing that when I did eventually get back to work, it would be the equivalent of starting my work week on a Wednesday. Winning on Sunday night. Not so winning first hour back, mid-week and before coffee.

But because I treasure the rejuvenation and joy that comes from long Summer holidays well-spent, I made the choice right from the get-go to carve out the time. It has become a non-negotiable for me and vastly outweighs the slightly ‘behind the pack’ jitters I experience now and again.

So, with that in mind, I offer you a ‘better late than never’ welcome back to 2020 reflection about the 3 critical things that 2019 taught me.

Small, consistent one percenters make all the difference

We simply cannot underestimate the value of taking small, positive action every day.

Whether it’s our physical fitness, emotional fitness, spiritual fitness, professional fitness or any other area of life that we exercise our metaphorical muscle in (wardrobe fitness is another obvious one which I’ll do the heavy lifting for in a later post) consistent accumulation of small actions in the right direction can truly make the difference we’ve been looking for.

Although I’m further down the training track in some areas of my life than others (have never been one to make my bed), 2019 revealed to me that my best successes came from the almost imperceptible yet consistent one percenters I performed each and every day.

Was it incredibly exhilarating and beautifully exciting? Honestly, no. Sometimes I questioned why I even bothered (the thinking that still applies to bed making). But I kept on keeping on with the minuscule muscle work and after a sizeable stretch of time I can happily and proudly say that I’m enjoying the outcomes (and still hopping into an unmade bed every night).

A considered Yes is powerful

During my Summer downtime I inhaled Sarah Knight’s ‘F**k No! How to stop saying yes when you can’t, you shouldn’t, or you just don’t want to’.

But as 2019 taught me, it’s not so much a matter of saying F**k No to EVERYTHING, as it is saying a considered YES to the right things.

In this fast-paced and potential-packed world, the ‘opportunities’ and shiny new objects that are available on any given day have the potential to exponentially drive your energy (good times ahead) or drain it like a day of expert-level carb-loading on the couch.

Getting crystal clear on my values, strengths and priorities (carbs remain one of those despite the bad rap) set me up to hand out those hard no’s when required, and joyfully sprinkle the considered yes’s around like nobody’s business.

For me it was all about putting in place reasons to “minimise my annoy and maximise my joy” (or something along those lines).

White shoes are everything

White shoes are here to stay. In my wardrobe anyway.

I understand why the vast majority of my clients baulk at the idea of white shoes. They have the potential to conjure up traumatic 80s incidents or childhood memories of grandmothers in polyester pants. Either way, it’s distressing.

But I just can’t hold myself back from the hypnotic pull of a matronly white pump or a modern-day modification of the Sloane Peterson (think Ferris Buller) white boot (non-tasseled and ankle length, preferably with low, block wooden heel).

And why should I anyway? White shoes are a big part of my style identity and if 2019 taught me anything about style, it’s that we really need to forget the rules (that no longer exist anyway) and dress in a way that allows us to experience joy and fun and our very own effortless essence.

So to my bordering on frumpy with a dash of breakfast club white shoes I say a very loud and considered YES!

Does your style identity need a refresh or a realignment with your essence?

Is there an area of your wardrobe that small and consistent one percent changes might benefit from? 

Is it time to say no to the wrong purchases and a considered yes to the ones that will support you to stand out for all the right reasons?

Get in touch! I’d love to talk about how we can achieve an intentional wardrobe that will take you everywhere.

Image credit: Everlane