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Do I need a Stylist?

Style as effortless as it is unforgettable

You’ve been thinking about working with a personal stylist for a while now but you’re still not totally sure you need someone to help you.

After all, you’ve worked hard and achieved professional success. You’re a highly skilled expert. Why would you need help with something as simple as getting dressed?

On the other hand, you’re wasting time, money and energy deciding what to wear every day, and you know the toll it’s taking.

Chances are high that you would prefer to be in control of your style and experience the influence that comes from having an inspiring personal brand.

Smart style elevates

Take a few moments to think about how you feel when you are deciding what to wear each day:

Overwhelmed/Erratic: Your wardrobe is a chaotic pain point in your day. You feel defeated and dissatisfied every time you get dressed. You feel invisible, or at best, inconsistent and confused. Professional growth is not possible and opportunities pass you by.

Bored/Functional: Your wardrobe is reliable and consistent but something is missing. You lack inspiration and motivation. You know you don’t stand out from the crowd. Your performance at work is ok but you’re making slow progress.

Focused/Dynamic: You know style is a powerful business asset. You experience effortless dressing and are known for your unforgettable presence and ability to engage and inspire. People notice you for all the right reasons. Your mind is free to focus on professional performance, priming you for new opportunity and advancement.

Intelligent style is smart business

    • A 2016 poll conducted by Marks & Spencer and OXFAM revealed that 62 per cent of women have suffered ‘wardrobe rage’ described as ‘an irrational tantrum about not having anything they want to wear’.
    • It was also found that women spend on average 17 minutes a day deciding what to wear, which equates to 6 months over a working lifetime.

If this resonates with you, Nicole’s powerful, solution-focused style outcomes will transform how you shop for clothes and decide what to wear.

Imagine how incredible it would feel to get dressed:

  • in under 2 mins
  • without the negative emotion
  • knowing that your outfit perfectly reflects your undeniable success.

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