I don’t need to tell you that we’re experiencing an extraordinary moment in life right now.

We are undergoing a massive, enforced and accelerated transformation of all the things (not saying that to scare. Just a fact. And we’ll get through it).

Now more than ever, we are looking for ways to help us navigate life.

While clothes can’t fix our problems (before, during or after COVID-19) what we choose to wear today can support us to feel stronger and more equipped to face the day.

Now I get it, you’ve spent years scrambling to get ready for work and out the door with your bra on and your zips fastened. So, when you get the chance to work from home (WFH), you’d be forgiven if you have a deep, deep longing to ditch the garb all together.

But as tempting as it might be (and it is tempting right now) to hunker down in your home wearing pyjamas, uggies and a dressing gown, you are infinitely more productive, buoyant and connected to self when you stick to a routine and get dressed. In clothes. Pants not optional.

It might seem like no-one’s watching as you WFH, but the truth is, the most important person in your life right now is watching, and that person is YOU. It is more critical than ever before to manage your mindset.

And while it’s absolutely necessary to stay light where we can (for many of us that has involved the hilarious pairing of a blazer with pyjama bottoms for a Zoom call) if it looks like we’re going to be operating like this for the foreseeable future, now is the time to decide how you want to show up for that.

Countless experts are reminding us that maintaining a routine is key to maintaining health. I was reminded only yesterday by one of these experts that we need to ‘start the fire’ every day if we want to lead with connection, clarity and a sense of calm.

That includes dressing in a way that supports you to bring your best human being to the work you do.

Because it’s all interconnected. If you make the effort with yourself, you feel connected to your best self and you can better serve the people you work with, your communities and loved ones.

Just to be clear, that doesn’t mean we will all do this in the same way. How you express your style identity will be different to everyone else. That’s the point. And the opportunity.

However you choose to dress, just make sure that it’s a perfect reflection of you and your role. Don’t give in to default dressing. Dress with intention and notice the difference it makes to your day.

And for those of you who previously embraced stylist approved professional pyjamas as part of your unique style identity, now’s the time to bring those bad boys back.

I’d love to hear about how you’re managing your WFH style. Like really. I’ve got some extra time on my hands.

Image: @fimimsphotography