Hang out with me long enough and you’ll soon discover that I tend to bang on about outfit creation.

Not without good cause I might add.

It’s the one of the most critical skills that so many women struggle with in their wardrobes.

I use the term struggle a little loosely here. Because it’s not so much a struggle as complete inaction (said with nothing but love).

When it comes to style women tend to focus on the individual pieces that are in their wardrobes – a lovely print blouse, a tailored black pant, a knee high boot bought in your 20s when travelling overseas, now in desperate need of an update and a strong contender for every personal stylist’s ‘if I had a dollar’ challenge. It seems we all bought long brown boots in Bologna in the 90s and have held on to them with gusto (read, throw that s#@t out now. Like yesterday. Again, nothing but love).

Typically a result of limited time and headspace, this one-dimensional approach to wardrobe curation is built on separates bought separately and sporadically. For the most part lovely items in themselves. As a cohesive collection that supports killer outfit creation? Hmm, not so much.

In last Saturday’s subscriber newsletter I introduced my SuperStylers to an unshakeable technique that takes those single separates, quickly and simply pairs them up and swaps them out, leaving you with nothing but swoon-worthy outfits.

You can watch a replay of it here ‘cos share the love and all.

No time for that? Here’s a quick and dirty run down of the main points:

  1. grab 4 of those pesky separates (2 bottoms, 2 tops)
  2. starting with one bottom piece create a combination with a top – voile, outfit 1
  3. swap the first bottom with the second bottom – hey presto, outfit 2
  4. switch that first top out with the second top – you guessed it, outfit 3
  5. and swap n’ switch back to bottom one – out the door in outfit 4!

Fancy a visual?


















Sometimes you just gotta’ see it to believe it. That’s 4 outfits with only a bottom or a top swap.

No jacket, shoe or accessory change in sight. Can you even begin to imagine the sartorial possibilities if there was? Be still my beating heart.

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Hi, I’m Nicole, and I’m a personal stylist obsessed with helping women in business and corporate roles to experience effortless, stylish dressing, allowing them to stand out for all the right reasons. I bring strategy, solutions and expertise to my clients. I fully understand the challenges women face when trying to achieve a wardrobe that actually works and I take the pain out of shopping for clothes and deciding what to wear. I transform something that feels fraught and complex into a streamlined solution expertly tailored to you.

Image credit: Fi Mims Photography